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Evergreen Fire Rescue
Kalispell, Montana


New Station

We would like to thank the Evergreen Community for the new station. Having our crew quarters in the same building as the apperatus has helped reduce response times and the training opportunities built in the station have made our training more effective. If you would like to take a tour please call the staion at 752-4636 to arrange a time.

Open Burning

Open burning is Allowed. Click the link below for permit and air quality information before lighting a debris fire.



Interested in becoming an Evergreen Firefighter? Download our Application here.

Welcome to Evergreen Fire Rescue

In 1954 members of the community got together and donated time, money, and effort to found The Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department. Countless hours have been given to help save life and property in the district.

We look back on the past members of this Department and Honor them for the sacrifices they made to help protect their community.

In 2007 the Department changed its name to Evergreen Fire Rescue in order to reflect the increased demand for Emergency Medical Services we provide in Evergreen. The District felt that with the increased population and EMS emergencies in Evergreen it was necessary to begin an ambulance transport service in addition to fire supression.

Today many members of the community dedicate time and talents to become proficient in all aspects of Emergency Service. We have a department full of dedicated Firefighter/EMT's ready to respond to any type of emergency situation.



Last fall the members of the Evergreen Community voted to approve a bond so that the Evergreen Fire District would be able to construct a new Fire Station on the site of our current main Station, Station 81.



Evergreen Fire Rescue has a long tradition of promoting Fire Safety and Prevention in the Evergreen Community. In 2007 Ben Covington was chosen as the full time Fire Marshall. Ben has made it a point to go out and visit the local businesses and inspect them in an effort to improve life safety and prevent fires from occuring.


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